Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trip to Ngoi district on first day

 The director of C L I ( Robert Anderson ) explain to the visitors how to support the toilets and the well 
 This is a kitchen for construction workers cook during they build the toilets. 
 This is the well .

 The kids are enjoy using the water from the well.

 This is the camp for the constructor workers sleep during they build the toilets. 
 This is the Library at Numthoum school  there are more than 50-60 students came to use in one day .

 Candle flower at Bangalo at Ngoi district.

 This is the Library at Children Learning Center at Ngoi district ( C L C )

 The kids playing the games at C L C .
 Dr Rachel from Helping Hands teach the staff at C L C how to play monkey game .

 These are the volunteers at C L C at Ngoi district.
 Children Learning Center at Ngoi district.

 Dinner together at C L C .
 Bamboo soup.
 River weed .
 sticky rice.
 The team are walking to the Boats.
 They are sitting on the Library boat at Ngnoi district to bring books to the kids at Soupvanh village . This village far from Ngoi district go up by boat about 25 minutes to arrive .
 This woman is sitting on the river bank waiting for the boat to go to visit her relative other village by that time she saw the Library boat coming and she enjoy reading the books. 
 The kids are choosing the books.
 The teacher did the story telling to the kids who can not read by themselves .

 The Captain read the books to the kids.
 Mum teaches her son how to read.
The students enjoy the games .

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