Saturday, October 22, 2011

Small weavers

 Teacher explained me about the weaving and showed me for the new example bag 
 Student is weaving .

Activity at the Library today

 10 minutes meeting before start the activity . There are more than 70 kids came to join the activities.
 First coloring the pictures.

 My son Sangnoi ( Nick name ) looking the pictures in the book . He can not read . He is 3 years. He studies at Mittaphab Kindergarten ( year 2 ).
 Action songs in Lao-American Reading room.

 Playing games .

 Story telling .

 Students choose the book they like for free.
Received 100 new story books for the kids from donation at the Library.

Papaya salad competition

 Behind the Library play Volleyball between teachers and volunteers .
 Students making papaya salad .

 Volunteers are cheering .


 The students welcome the guests .
 Ms Khathana Librarian putting makeup on the dancers.

  Oeuyphone dance
  Khanlao dance.

 Students give the gifts to the teachers.
 The students thanks and wish to the teachers

Duangchampa dance
 There are more than 100 people came to join.
  Paper Puppet show

 Wishing Dance
 Teachers from other schools watching some dances.
 Comedy skit done by students.  Many people laugh.

Everyone saying goodbye after a great Teachers Day!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


 Students happy with their books ( they made the books by them self for their own story )
 Story telling

 The students practice dancing to cerebrate the Teacher's Day  next week

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy day at the Library

 Many students using the Library on this Saturday morning.

 Mr David, a the volunteer from CLI, is studying writing Lao.  Check out his blog at
 Bountin helping some visitors donate books for the book bags!
Everyone is happy that they donated!  It is donations like theirs that keep the book boats and the library alive.