Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Helping Hands visit Luangprabang

 Mr Robert Anderson the director of Community Learning International ( C L I ) bring the visitors from Helping Hands Australia go to visit Chophet Library .
 The Lao's Children Library Boat
 The sign of the girt dormitory at Chomphet high school .
 The Library at Chophet school.

 Inside the Library .

 This is the kitchen for the students Support by C L I and Helping Hands . It will finish by next two weeks.
 These are the huts for the students from countryside built by them self living during study.
 The visitors help to put the soil in to the Kitchen. 
 This is the well for the villagers using when no rain.
 Mr Robert Anderson explained to the visitors for the next step this school need well, bathrooms for the boys and for the girls for the next project.

 On the way back .They all sitting in the Library Boat keep talking about the project...
 Welcome sign at Kmu school
 The kids welcome to the visitors.

 These are the per formant to the visitors at Kmu school.

 The visitors very happy to see the kids dance.

 The visitors join the kids and the kids teach them how to learn Lao dance.

 The school and the kids Baci for thank you for coming to visit them.

 The weaving teacher explained how to weave.
 These are the kids at Deaf school there are 40 kids . the Helping Hangs team gave the gifts each kid got a hat and a small bag for cleaning materials like Sam poo, Brush, Brush hair... in the bag .
 They teach the kids how to play the games.

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