Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chilren's Day at Khmu school

Children's day is the first of June every year when the children are celebrated.  The Khmu village about 10 km from Luangprabang. We started to help doing activities at this school in 2010.  There are six staff members who attended 5 library staff and the myself.  There were 80 students and 5 teachers with some parents attending from 8am - 3pm.  Some of the activities included sing songs about how to make papaya salad, playing games, and actually making the papaya salad we sang about.  There were also some dances performed by the students.  My favorite of which was the bamboo dance.  Six teenagers hold bamboo sticks and knock them on the ground while two 6 yr olds dance together through the sticks.  It was really cute and well done.  Midway through we broke for papaya salad and lunch.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

 I wrote the English, my staff wrote the Lao and the kids cut out the words and posted it.
 One of the dances performed by the students.
 The children dressed with their drums.  They use them in songs.
 The butterfly dance.  Very Cute.
 The goal of this game is to knock the paper ball across the field with your eggplant tied to your waste.
 Welcome to the dream bathroom.  Repaired by Helping Hands Australia painted by the kids.
The khmu kids in the afternoon.

The school has 5 teachers, 4 rooms, 85 students and no electricity.  If you would like to help out email or comment and we can try to help improve the conditions for these kids.